Happy Smells

Have you ever attached a scent to an experience?  I tend to relate smells to certain experiences in my  life.  Every time I smell a Pulmeria I can’t help but smile as I get transported to one of our favorite places to visit, Hawaii.  I cant help but feel the warm sun on my skin and the sand in between my toes.  I see my children running and playing in the sand and splashing in the waves

The ability to  transport myself at the scent of a Pulmeria can come in handy, especially during stressful times.  The start of the school year can be exhausting as we all get use to new routines and procedures.  Soon enough everything will be normal again, but for now I hold on to my Pulmeria and the wonderful joy it brings me.  I hope you all have a happy smell, if not I suggest you get one.  It makes going through life a little easier. What’s your happy smell?

Life, Love, and Happily Ever After,



Today the stars aligned and without any major planning I was able to have lunch with two wonderful friends. It was nice to sit down and just talk about things that are going on in each others life. It is interesting that concerns that might seem to big to handle appear to shrink when shared with others. It was fun catching up and putting the world around us on hold for a bit. Of course the cell phones were still on and yes two of us received calls from the school but that comes with the territory, Moms aren’t allowed to go off the grid. It reinforced the importance of nurturing friendships and the importance of keeping those connections alive.

For weeks I have agonized what to say on my first post. I wanted my words to be perfect and to capture the reason why I started this blog. My goal is to create a place where we can connect just like we did at the lunch table today. A place where we can come together and share ideas on raising a family, enjoying life all the while discovering who we truly are. I hope you will join me in this little adventure.

Let’s do lunch!

Love and laughter,